About us

The business started in Italy about 40 years ago. We have been in Romania for 25 years. It is created out of passion and appreciation for antiquities and for the emotional and cultural load they hold.

It is a heartfelt activity, the antiquities meaning something very special for the one who founded the business. He started and continued with the same passion for old and valuable things.

What do we do differently from other stores?

Antiques are art samples, symbols of good taste. In addition to their beauty that the buyer can enjoy, antiques have an objective benefit: as time goes on, their value increases, which means that they are a good investment. Their uniqueness: antiques are the antonyms of mass-produced objects. They have a story and an emotional charge, and each one is a representative of the historical period to which it belongs. Beautify the house, letting the buyer express their style through them.

The state and feelings we want to produce

Nostalgia - each object expresses something else, but one thing they all have in common, namely the fact that they are much "older" than those who buy them. What period an object belongs to transmits a feeling specific to that period, but in short, it all comes down to nostalgia for simpler times. Beauty - the objects are handmade, and the small details should be noticed by the potential buyer.